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How to Wear This Seasons' Color, Burgundy- What color does burgundy go well with?

Which colors are compatible with burgundy? Which colors to avoid with burgundy?

Burgundy outfit examples are below as well.

Since burgundy is a striking and intense color on its own, it should be used as the star part of a modern combination with the most stylish colors such as white, cream and black.

In addition, you can wear shades of burgundy together, even if the tones are different, it will be a very modern and cool look.

The most chic color this winter is wine shades. We have already started to see it in many places, from bags to jackets, from home decorations to suede shoes. In this article, you can find how to combine burgundy and our suggestions.


Wearing jeans with a white shirt or a graphic t-shirt is a favorite on casual days... So, what will be the modern and rebellious touch that burgundy will give to this combination?

The first accessory that comes to mind when you want to make a casual combination with a burgundy accessory, here's what will take it to he next level:


Jasmine in Deep Red 



The harmony of burgundy and black is like no other color... The energy of both colors carries rebelliousness and intensity and can make wearers look cool.


Our favorite accessory for this look: Mila in Deep Red. Rebellious and minimal.



Even if it's not burgundy from head to toe, even wearing a burgundy bag with a burgundy top doubles the appeal of the color. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also use this color for your coat.

The most suitable shoes for a burgundy jacket are black leather shoes.
The most suitable shawl color for burgundy jackets is white.

If you are wondering what color doesn't go well with burgundy, the color that clashes the most is usually shades of green. We recommend that you avoid wearing burgundy and red tones with green tones together.


The most suitable top with a burgundy skirt is white tops. If you are using a pencil skirt, you can use white flowy blouses or polka dot pieces to add a different atmosphere. Tops in green and yellow tones should also be avoided, as they will make your upper body look wide and the colors together will tire the eyes.


-Burgundy jacket, black mini dress and loafer: The academic and innocent atmosphere of the loafer neutralizes the rebellious and sexy atmosphere created by the burgundy jacket and mini dress and creates a truly different style.

-By combining a cream sleek top with a long burgundy skirt, you can combine the burgundy skirt, which is difficult to combine in different ways, with a sleek cream top, which is has a more intellectual and minimal vibe. You will turn this different combination into the most stylish and professional version of the burgundy skirt with a stylish bootie style heeled boots.

-A little fashion secret that most people don't know: one of the colors that goes best with metallics is burgundy, both with gold and silver! If you have a metallic trousers or skirt that you don't know what to wear with, you can combine it with a burgundy top or white top and burgundy jacket, or if you have a metallic top, you can combine it with burgundy skirts and trousers.


Can you wear burgundy with patterned clothes?

In cases where the pattern of your piece is regular and does not contain too many light colors, burgundy is generally combined well with patterned pieces. Be careful to choose pieces with patterns that do not go into pastel tones, as these shades make burgundy appear closer to black and take the colors' saturation away.


We hope you enjoy shades of burgundy as much we do! Explore our burgundy styles below:

Jasmine- Deep Red

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Mila in Deep Red-feautured in the front.

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